New remote functions for smart carsharing.

We have expanded our portfolio and will offer three new data packages for our connect your fleet customers in Germany from now on. This way, we enable the experience of the full range of a car-sharing service.

About the new data packages.

Three new data packages are now available to our connect your fleet customers in Germany. These keyless services offer great time and cost savings for different use cases.

Remote Door Lock and Unlock Commands

... for keyless access to the vehicle.

Remote Immobilizer Commands

... for (de)activating the immobilizer.

Driver Management

... for removing the authorization of all Mercedes me users on a given vehicle at the end of a rental.

Areas of application.

Whether it's the digital handover of keys for rental vehicles, keyless vehicle handover at dealerships and workshops, or keyless use of pool vehicles - our three new data packages cover the entire range of car sharing services. In addition, other application areas such as the delivery of packages to parked cars (in-car delivery) and access for employees of service providers are also covered.

With the new functionalities, we enable our customers to develop innovative business models, …

… in switchless and keyless vehicle rental, for example. At the same time, however, the functions can also be used to establish and expand new or existing business processes, for example in the logistical "overnight" supply of service vehicles with necessary spare parts and operating resources or the keyless provision of internal company pool vehicles.”

Gernot Peters, Head of Product Management & Service Delivery

About our connect your fleet API.

The connect your fleet API offers the possibility to integrate Mercedes-Benz vehicle data into your own system and thus enables the adaptation to individual needs.