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Team Business Development & Internationalization

We are passionate about developing, designing and establishing new business models - together with our international customers and partners. By observing market developments and trends, we consistently pursue our international growth strategy and place new data products in the market.


Development and establishment of joint business models with international customers and partners


Placement of new products in the market, taking into account new sales approaches


Development and implementation of an international growth strategy


Initiation of future & follow-up business including direct sales activities

What makes our team? We are …

... solution-oriented problem solvers.

... friendly customer whisperer with body and soul.

... multitasking without losing focus on the customer.

... dedicated and willing to make a contribution.

Job roles
Job Role

Business Development Manager

Hi there, my name is Taslim. My responsibility is to take care of business development for our data products. Building up customer relationships, designing business models, and initiating businesses are just some of my tasks. Of course, also the direct sales of products. The diversity of customers is great, that's why I decided to do this job in the first place.

What fascinates you about digital services and data?

They say, data is the new oil. New data-driven businesses will be created in so many directions that we cannot even foresee today. It is fascinating to discuss with our customers various business cases and develop new business models.To witness these transformations from the ground and see the impact of our work is great.

Taslim Arif
Taslim Arif, Business Development Manager
Job Role

International Business Development Manager

Hello everyone, my name is Zhuowei and I work as International Business Development Manager. At Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services, we are the business development and operations unit for different data products - in my case, these are products from the Mercedes-Benz initiative Urban Mobility Solutions. I'm proud to be a part of it, because I have a personal interest in making cities more safe, more livable and more sustainable by means of connected vehicle data and insight.

What has been your biggest challenge at work so far?

My customers and partners come from different countries and thus speak different languages. They are located in different time zones and their countries have different history, tradition, culture, legal frameworks and more. Sometimes, it's difficult to understand their demands in depth and to help them despite all of the differences - but I like the challenge.

Zhuowei Wang
Zhuowei Wang, International Business Development Manager
Jobs: Business Development & Internationalization

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Danny Truong
For me, our company offers an incredible mix of professionalism as well as dedication …

… that everyone shows paired with the right human aspects, such as great dynamic and an awesome team spirit.”

Danny Truong, Head of Business Development & Internationalization

Tabea Grössel
It's never boring with us. …

… The tasks are more than diverse and everyone is invited to independently drive topics forward.”

Tabea Grössel, Business Development Manager Internationalization

Sebastian Wilde
What I'm always most excited about is the time …

… when we as a team have gained another happy customer who is satisfied with our data products.”

Sebastian Wilde, Business Development Manager

Daniel Pfefferle
The great teamwork among colleagues stands out definitely …

… and makes working here a more than enjoyable occupation. I am looking forward to the road ahead and working in this very exciting field.”

Daniel Pfefferle, Sales Manager

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