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We are a determined sales driven team that is dedicated to a variety of activities, true to the motto: customer comes first. With sales and the best possible customer care in focus, we alwas look after our customers' needs. Everything always adorned with the right marketing activities. By the way, we are the only team that is spread all over Germany.


Physical and digital sales of vehicle data-based solutions for Mercedes-Benz


Implementation of marketing and communication measures for customer acquisition and retention


Striving for innovation for the digital ecosystem by targeting our customer feedback


Ensuring personal & valuable customer care as part of our self-image

What makes our team? We are …

… pragmatic and professional people of action with hands on mentality.

… supporters of direct communication with an open-minded team culture.

... a determined and service-oriented sales team with a lot of endurance.

… communicative and extroverted.

Job Roles
Job Role

Market Manager

Hi everybody, I am Aline. In my role as market manager, I'm basically the first point of contact for our Mercedes-Benz markets when it comes to our connectivity portfolio. I actively advise them on our data products, making sure they know the latest features and raise awareness for the importance of digital solutions. I also take an active part in sales activities, when I train the markets on our products in order to push sales, participate in dealer events or generally support the acquisition of new customers. Of course, I'm also tackling new markets.

What's your favourite part about work?

Every day is different. I talk a lot to people from different countries and try to understand the challenges in their daily work and do my best to offer our solutions in the most comprehensive way. When talking to people from other countries, you should never forget that you have two different realities. Your perspective is only yours – there is always another side of the coin. Try to be open and learn. When the market then starts to see the benefit of connectivity solutions, this is a really nice and thankful moment of my work.

Aline Viotti Bäuerle
Aline Viotti Bäuerle, Market Manager
Job Role

Customer Service Manager

Hi, I'm Dana, and as a Customer Service Manager, I focus on improving customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships with our clients. Customers appreciate prompt customer service. This applies not only to after-sales topics when requests arrive that need to be answered quickly, but also to all kinds of subjects that come up during the contract process. In this case, teamwork is very important, and I know together with my great colleagues not a problem at all.

What do you particularly like about your team and the working atmosphere?

Each of us is unique and can contribute their own experience and knowledge. We are very effective because we respect each other. What I really appreciate about my colleagues is their honesty and willingness to help. We use teamwork in different scenarios, from professional to personal. It's really fun to work in our team because I know I can rely on my colleagues.

Dana Kechter, Customer Service Manager
Job Role

Key Account Manager

My name is Marcus and as a Key Account Manager I take care of the commercial customers of Mercedes-Benz. In this role, I focus on existing car and van customers convincing them of the benefits of our digital products and services. I do that by highlighting the additional benefits of our data products and most importantly adapting these benefits to the customers’ needs. Of course, I also take care of my existing customers and always try to further optimize their experience with our solutions - and upsell more of our amazing products.

What fascinates you about digital services and data?

We are building a digital world around our vehicles. In our case, this digital world is perfectly adapted to the current and future needs of our commercial customers. It’s amazing to see how customers benefit from our digital products, either by saving money or by streamlining their processes. Being able to provide these additional benefits is what drives me. We get so much positive feedback – people are surprised by what’s already possible and excited about our upcoming products. So am I!

Marcus Jahn
Marcus Jahn, Key Account Manager
Job Role

Key Account Manager

Hi, my name is Thomas. I take care of our customers in the German areas between Rheinland-Pfalz and northern Bavaria as well as the federal and state authorities in Germany. Most of the time, I am on the road at customer appointments to tell them about our digital products or edit tender documents in coordination with other Daimler Key Account Manager colleagues. The various target groups that we have make the sales activities particularly exciting. If you are a passionate key account manager and value an independent and free way of working, this is the right place for you.

What has been your biggest challenge at work so far?

A big challenge but also a huge benefit for me is working by myself in a mobile office situation, which means to start working at home and get in contact with my colleagues from the sales team most of the time by phone and online meetings. I enjoy the periodic meetings at our headquarters in Stuttgart where we all come together to focus on the sales targets and plan jointly how to reach them.

Thomas Ruppert
Thomas Ruppert, Key Account Manager
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Ayse Ozan
I like to be in direct customer contact every day …

… and to envision with my colleagues how we can improve the customer service experience.”

Ayse Ozan, Customer Service Manager

Bartosz Hoppe
The daily exchange with business partners and colleagues gives me motivation when I get out of bed in the morning. …

… I like to be challenged and to step out of my comfort zone, to learn new things and to pass on what I have learned - this is what drives me.”

Bartosz Hoppe, International Key Account Manager

Bastian Gutjahr
I believe it is very important to stay calm while facing challenging situations at work. …

… Knowing that I can trust on my colleagues is key. Together we evaluate all opportunities and find the best solution.”

Bastian Gutjahr, International Key Account Manager

I really appreciate our independence at work. …

… In this way, we contribute to a creative and entrepreneurial work environment.”

Cleo Lynn Hammer, Key Account Manager

Everyone is 110% connected. …

… The passion and spirit, topics are driven forward with, is unbelievable.”

Heiko Schilling, Head of Sales & Marketing

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