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Through various partnerships, we are laying the foundation for many new data-based solutions and products. In addition to ready-to-use solutions, there is also the option of integrating vehicle data into one's own fleet management solution via interfaces provided by our partners. There are good reasons why all our partners rely on the advantages of our highly efficient interface solutions.

Overview of Partner Solutions

Our collaborations. For a wide range of use cases.

We at AddSecure are proud of our partnership with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services. The cooperation is a logical step for us to further expand our solutions in terms of customer satisfaction. 

Hans-Jörg Nolden, Managing Director and Vice President | AddSecure Smart Transport Germany

Thanks to our partnership with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services, we can offer our customers a holistic fleet management service and an even more comprehensive portfolio. 

Eduardo Losada Arévalo, Head of Business Development | Astara Connect

We are very proud to have added Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services to our pool of integrated solutions. Our partnership is key to processing Mercedes-Benz vehicle data, [...] which is then displayed on our fleet management interface. 

Mathieu Chènebit, CEO | Echoes

Together with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services we revolutionize electric vehicle charging by making it more transparent, efficient and affordable. 

Steffen Brans, CEO | EEVEE Mobility

We are proud to have Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Service as one of our closest partners regarding our Connected Car services. Our long-term partnership has allowed us to drive our solution to the next level and simplify fleet management processes for our customers through real-time data directly from the vehicles. 

Sina Köhler, Team Lead Cloud & IoT | FinkIT Solutions

We are pleased to be working directly with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services, a renowned automotive brand that provides companies with first-class options for connected fleets. 

Neil Cawse, CEO | Geotab Inc.

We’re delighted about the partnership with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services. The high quality vehicle data and API is already being put to good use by many fleet operators. 

Kevin Valdek, Co-founder | High Mobility

We are pleased to have this partnership with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services; it allows us to provide Mercedes-Benz vehicle data to our customers in a transparent and easy manner and eliminates the need to install telematics hardware. 

Johann Olsen, CEO and Co-Founder | IO-Dynamics

We are pleased to partner with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services to further expand our OEM.connect program and offer our joint customers an integrated telematics solution. 

Taco van der Leij, Vice President | Webfleet Solutions Europe

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