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Team Finance and Controlling & Corporate Functions

Our department is dedicated to a range of corporate functions that run the business in a holistic way. This arises from finance and controlling, the design of a consistent process and system landscape, as well as creating all the legal and tax bases in order to support the business in the best way. Moreover, our HR-Team supports all employees as professional business partner.


Planning and management of our figures: cost planning, product controlling, procurement, accounting and billing.


Recruitment of new team members, support of existing employees and fulfillment of ongoing adminsitrative and operative HR tasks.


Holistic legal, compliance and tax advice for the different company departments


End-to-end process & system management including integration, optimization and ongoing operation

Team Finance & Controlling
What makes our team? We are …

… process-driven & target-oriented analysers with a structured mindset.

… each one a master in accurate work.

… supporters of work that is true to business guidelines and compliance.

… pioneers for corporate business sustainability, efficiency and transparency.

Job Roles
Job Role

Payment, Billing & Purchasing

Hi there, my name is Laura. As part of the finance team, I am responsible for two different areas: Payment & Billing, where issues such as receivables management play a role, and the whole purchasing process. Working with many different people as a team is what I like most about my job: The coordination with various departments on new requirements and challenges, or even the cooperation with the technical department to optimize billing processes.

What has been your biggest challenge at work so far?

I was directly hired after my internship and studies - that was almost 4 years ago. Having a huge responsibility right from the beginning was challenging but also the best thing that could have happened to me. Starting with the very first customer invoice, I participated in the building of the majority of all billing processes so far.

Payment, Billing & Purchasing Laura Bugs
Laura Bugs, Payment, Billing & Purchasing
Job Role

Finance Specialist

Hello, my name is Michael and I work as a Finance & Controlling Specialist. If things don't go well, this is actually the most exciting time for me as a controller, because then it's time to investigate the causes and derive measures so that things can get back on track. I like trying to find a solution with my colleagues on how we can achieve a certain situation with our given resources.

What makes it so special to work for Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services?

I really enjoy the variety of tasks within the Finance area. Also, we are in a very fast-moving business, which means it never gets boring and something new happens every day.

Michael Kalmbach, Finance Specialist
Jobs: Finance and Controlling & Corporate Functions

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