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Team Product Management & Service Delivery

We are proud to be responsible for the overall alignment of our product portfolio with the corporate strategy. In doing so, we constantly analyze market trends and gather customer requirements in order to provide them with the best possible solution. In addition, we accompany the product throughout its entire life cycle – from the idea to the go-live and continuous development.


Overall alignment of the product portfolio with the corporate strategy


Analysis of market trends and monitoring of market changes


Capturing and refining customer requirements to ensure the best possible customer experience


Steering of products and their development during the entire life cycle – from idea to the go-live.

What makes our team? We are …

… collaborative team players with interdisciplinary skills.

… fully focused on delivering efficient and customer-centric solutions.

… agile thinkers who passionately support flexible adaptation to market changes.

… open-minded and creative people of action.

Job Roles
Job Role

Product Owner

Hi everyone, I'm Frederik, Product Owner of our fleet management portal. Collaborating with a diverse range of stakeholders, I shape requirements in line with our shared product vision. By defining and prioritizing the product backlog, I ensure the team focuses on the most valuable features. Acting as a bridge between stakeholders and the development team, I provide clarity on requirements, facilitate seamless handovers, and iterate on the product based on feedback.

What fascinates you about digital services and data?

My fascination lies predominantly in the realm of data, where I thrive on unraveling insights and crafting actionable strategies. Yet, what truly captivates me about digital services is the ability to swiftly incorporate these insights through short feedback loops, maximizing their impact.

Frederik Bubeck, Product Owner
Job Role

Product Integration Manager

Hi there, my name is Miruja. As a Product Integration Manager, I am the interface between Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services, Mercedes-Benz Data and Mercedes-Benz Urban Mobility Solutions. My main responsibility is to ensure a smooth collaboration during the development process of our innovative data products. This also includes ensuring that new data solutions are ready for the market for the planned go-live.

What's your favourite part about work?

My favorite part is working together with various teams like Product Management, Development, Legal and Sales to design, develop and distribute new data-driven solutions. It is very interesting to perceive and understand the different needs of each team in order to improve our processes accordingly and create an efficient development process.

Miruja Ratnasingam
Miruja Ratnasingam, Product Integration Manager
Job Role

Support Manager

Hi, I'm Sebastian, Support Manager at Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH. My everyday work is all about supporting our customers with technical questions, analyzing incidents and, of course, solving them. I am responsible for our central control tool for customer inquiries and create monthly reports as well as comprehensive real-time dashboards for the most important key figures. With the knowledge gained, we can optimize our support and operating processes in a customer-oriented manner.

What do you particularly like about your team and the working atmosphere?

The great thing about our company is that we can and are allowed to work super independently. Thereby, we learn a lot in the process - also from each other. Nevertheless, nobody is ever left alone: cohesion, willingness to help and togetherness come first.

Sebastian Schempp
Sebastian Schempp, Support Manager
Jobs: Product Management & Service Delivery

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Gernot Peters
In order to take overall responsibility for the product, …

… you come together with colleagues from various areas. With this broad collaboration setup, you work out the most efficient solution.”

Gernot Peters, Head of Product Management & Service Delivery

Bringing seamless product experiences to our customers brings me genuine joy. …

… From troubleshooting to managing vehicle data, solving challenges, and enhancing the product journey. It keeps me engaged and continuously learning.”

Julian Stiegler, Technical Support Specialist

Marco Neuss
It's definitely not monotonous work. …

… I like the mix of technical topics that inevitably arise with data products in your portfolio, and classic product management.”

Marco Neuss, Product Owner

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