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connect your business: partner interface for diverse data-based solutions.

With the connect your business API, you can integrate data from Mercedes-Benz fleet vehicles into your own products and business models. Without retrofit solution, as the data is transmitted via the communication module installed at the factory.

Data Packages

Flexible activation: data packages of our API.

Our flexibly activatable data packages are suitable for many different customer groups to adapt to their individual offer. Each data package can be activated individually at vehicle level.

  • Mileage

  • Ignition status

  • Fuel & consumption data

  • Charging data

  • Position data

  • Vehicle health data

  • Tire data

  • Driving & speed data

  • Door & window status

  • Park events data

  • Driving behaviour data

  • Alarming & anti-theft data

  • Trip mileage

  • Trip position

  • Trip idling

  • Driving status

Remote Commands

Individually usable: remote command packages of our API.

Our remote commands give you additional options. Each command can be activated individually at vehicle level.

  • Remote preconditioning commands

  • Remote charging management

Individual availability check

Please contact us to have the availability in your market individually checked - applies to all data packages and remote commands.

Use Cases

Inspiration for various use cases.

Our flexibly activatable data packages are suitable for many different customer groups. Here are some examples of use cases.

Telematics service provider

Integrate Mercedes-Benz vehicle data to your own products without the need for a hardware installation in the vehicle.

Leasing companies

Offer high-quality, personalized services to customers while verifying agreed mileage and calculating the excess.

Repair shops

Receive repair and maintenance requirements generated from the vehicle and proactively contact driver and fleet manager.

Roadside assistance

Conduct remote analysis of vehicle data to determine needs and reduce time on the road through knowing the location of vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz /developers

Specifications & more. For your development team.

Mercedes-Benz /developers is the public developer platform of Mercedes-Benz. This provides detailed information on the product scope and the technical implementation of our data products.

Become a partner

Strong partnerships. For more possibilities.

When it comes to fleet management, we collaborate with renowned telematics and software providers worldwide who enrich their products with our Mercedes-Benz vehicle data. Together, we create a holistic ecosystem around the connected vehicle.

Would you like to become part of our partner network? Contact us!

How it works

Your path to the API: We support you.

We would be happy to present our product to you in detail in a personal consultation - and support you with the implementation. Does that sound exciting? Simply contact us using the contact button below.


Personal consultation

To start activities we invite you to a personal exchange.


API documentation

We provide you with a link to our API documentation and technical information.


Test access

You get an insight into how the API works by using Softcars or your own vehicles.


Framework contract

The contract is the basis for using the API.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to your questions.

Here you will find answers to questions we have been asked about this product.

The prerequisite for access to the data is a signed framework agreement between you and us.

To ensure that only vehicles from your customers' fleets are connected, a vehicle verification logic is required. Our team will be happy to support you in implementing the necessary measures.

Yes, of course. Each data package can be activated individually on vehicle level. There is no minimum or maximum purchase per vehicle nor any combination barrier. This way, you can activate one single package for one vehicle and all of them for another one.

Our sales team will be happy to make you an individual offer for your fleet or business case and give you more detailed information on our products. Please use the contact options on our contact page.

The interface integration is billed once. For the data packages, which can be purchased individually at vehicle level, you will receive a monthly invoice.

Yes, there is. Today you can get an insight on how our API works and in two different ways: First, you can test our API with softcars. These are dummy vehicles that simulate the data transmission from real vehicles. Second, you can test our API with real vehicles from one of your specific fleets for a determined trial period.

The availability of the data depends on the compatibility of the vehicle and should be checked individually. For that we offer a ‘Compatibilities API’ which can be queried here with the vehicle identification number and provides all available services for the specific vehicle (credentials needed). You can find a general list of the various Mercedes-Benz Cars and Vans in the ‘Details’ section of Mercedes-Benz /developers.

Our API products actually consist of two APIs. For using the Management API, you need to implement a REST client, which is able to add vehicles to the platform, activate and deactivate services for the vehicles, querying the service activation states and deleting the vehicles from the platform.

For being able to consume vehicle data via the Push API, you need to implement a kafka client respectively a messaging consumer.

The complete documentation on the implementation of our data product can be found here: connect your business - Docs

After sending the activation request via the API, you need to wait for the next ignition state change. This means, once the vehicle is fully ‘online’, the services get activated.

connect your business can be used internationally in numerous countries. This data product is not available in markets where Mercedes-Benz vehicles do not have a communication module as standard. Please contact us to check the availability in your market individually.

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