Welcome Acentrik, the data exchange solution by Mercedes-Benz.

We are excited to share that we have an innovative new data product, developed by Mercedes-Benz Singapore, in our product portfolio. Acentrik is an award-winning data exchange platform with which organizations can unlock the power of their data ecosystem.

Acentrik’s service offering is to deploy whitelabel data marketplaces for organizations, enabling them to build business models on top of this solution.

To Acentrik

Awarded as Best Technology and Platform in Global Digital Excellence Awards 2023 and Best Blockchain Product in Singapore Business Review Tech Excellence Awards 2023, Acentrik is set to take the global data exchange market by storm.

Acentrik’s transformative data sharing approach is first-in-market, bringing compute to where data is, while ensuring data privacy. Now ready for organizations worldwide, governments and enterprises can harness the privacy-preserving features of Acentrik and deploy their data marketplace for multiple purposes. Whether it is for internal purpose, to develop a data exchange platform as part of enterprise’s data strategy execution, or external purpose to drive data sharing with specified key industry players within a domain or region - Acentrik is a turnkey solution for all.

Acentrik will be at the forefront of data exchanges worldwide, enabling greater data sharing across organizations and industries. 

Alexander Forstbach | Chief Data Officer at Mercedes-Benz Group

About Acentrik

Acentrik is an enterprise solution for decentralized data exchanges. It is built for organizations with focus to create value out of data, ensuring privacy and sovereignty. Acentrik’s vision is to revolutionize the world of data exchanges and contribute to the greater ecosystem of enterprises, explicitly geared to the needs of organizations, enabling greater data sharing in a private and sovereign manner.