Efficient winter management for electrified fleets: seamlessly integrate our preconditioning solution.

Winter mornings can be a challenge for fleet managers, especially when vehicles are left iced up in the company parking lot in sub-zero temperatures. De-icing not only costs valuable time, but also leads to frustration among drivers. Our solution offers a way out of this scenario: we enable the seamless integration of a preconditioning solution to avoid this tedious and time-consuming process – data protection always in mind.

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Plan preconditioning in advance.

Our approach offers a preventative solution: fleet managers can activate vehicle preconditioning for Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) centrally and remotely the evening before. This gives them the flexibility to adjust the start time individually to the drivers' departure times.

A major advantage: Preconditioning of EV and PHEV already starts during the charging process. This preserves the battery range, and the battery capacity remains unaffected. It not only improves safety and comfort for drivers, but also increases the efficiency of the entire fleet operation.

Our solution makes it possible for your electrified Mercedes-Benz fleet to be ready for use even on freezing winter mornings - without time-consuming de-icing. With preconditioning, which starts before you even set off, we not only offer comfort and efficient use of time, but also range efficiency for fleet managers and drivers. 

Gernot Peters, Head of Product Management & Service Delivery at Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services GmbH

Integration available for our ‘connect your business’ and ‘connect your fleet’ customers.

Seamless integration is effortless via our 'Remote Preconditioning Commands' package. This package includes the necessary data that is essential for smooth preconditioning. It includes both the remote function for preconditioning the vehicles and the command to cancel a planned preconditioning.

Fleet operators can therefore easily integrate the data into their existing fleet management system. This not only optimizes winter management, but also significantly increases the overall efficiency of the fleet.

Third party providers can integrate the data into their existing fleet management solutions and use it to create new data-based products.