Hello Volteras!

We are happy to welcome Volteras in our 'connect your business' partner network. The electric vehicle software startup is now able to integrate Mercedes-Benz vehicle data from its customers' vehicles into its own fleet management software.

About the partnership.

With our connect your business API, Volteras can integrate Mercedes-Benz vehicle data into its own products and business models without the need for a retrofit solution. That way a basis for many new data-based solutions is created.

Data protection has a high priority and is ensured by various control mechanisms on both partner sides.

By combining Volteras' innovative data aggregation and standardization capabilities with Mercedes-Benz Connectivity Services's cutting-edge connectivity solutions, …

… this collaboration is poised to unlock unprecedented opportunities in smart vehicle technology and energy efficiency. This is a crucial step towards a more sustainable and connected future.”

Peter Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO | Volteras Technologies

About our connect your business API.

With our connect your business API, vehicle data can be integrated into our partners' own products and business models. No retrofit solution is required to obtain Mercedes-Benz data from fleet vehicles. We create a holistic ecosystem around the connected vehicle and drive new data-based solutions forward.

Our connect your business API is highly valued in the industry and has been awarded with the 2023 DEVIES Award as Best Innovation in "Services: Strategic & Technical". A great addition to the 2022 API Award where our products has been awarded Best in "Automotive APIs".

The 2023 DEVIES Awards - Best Innovation in Services: Strategic & Technical

The 2022 API Awards - Best in Automotive APIs

About Volteras.

Volteras is an API that connects businesses with data from the electric vehicle ecosystem. It aggregates, standardizes and optimizes data from hundreds of energy devices (electric vehicles, home batteries, chargers, heat pumps and solar inverters) so businesses can create the next big energy app or SaaS.