Longitudinal and lateral acceleration values & seat belt data now available via API.

Our data package "Driving Behavior Data" has been extended. Effective immediately, our connect your business and connect your fleet customers will receive the data package with an extended data scope. This data provides further insights into driving behavior.

About the "Driving Behavior Data" extension.

Status Quo.

Today, connect your business and connect your fleet customers already benefit from the use of our APIs to integrate Mercedes-Benz vehicle data into their own products and business models. That way, numerous use cases using state, diagnosis and position data are covered.

What's new?

From now on, we provide the data package "Driving Behavior Data" with an extended data scope. In addition to the data signals already contained, customers will also receive a classification of the longitudinal and lateral acceleration values. This allows additional insights into driving behavior and shows whether the driver has often accelerated sharply, braked abruptly or driven around curves at high speed during a journey. The values are provided aggregated via our interface after 5,000 acceleration values have been collected in the vehicle or a trip has been completed.* Generally, the data is available after approximately ten minutes, but the duration can vary from vehicle to vehicle.

In addition, the data package has also been extended to include seat belt data. These offer another opportunity to increase driving safety, as it indicates whether the driver of a vehicle is wearing a seat belt or not.

* The additional data signals are available for all model series from 2018 onwards.

Additional information.

If the data package "Driving Behavior Data" has already been booked, the new signals can be used automatically with immediate effect. There is no need for action on the part of the customer.

Technical details.

Learn more about the technical details now and follow the links below.

About our connect your business API.

With the connect your business API, vehicle data can be integrated into our partners' own products and business models. No retrofit solution is required to obtain Mercedes-Benz data from fleet vehicles anymore. We are creating a holistic ecosystem around the connected vehicle and driving new data-based solutions forward.

With our connect your business API, we recently won the 2022 API Award in the Best in Automotive APIs category.

The 2022 API Awards - Best in Automotive APIs

About our connect your fleet API.

The connect your fleet API offers the opportunity to integrate Mercedes-Benz vehicle data into the customer's own system and thus enables adaptation to individual needs.